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With Nature

At first sight, the NAC building looked like someplace special to then 6-year-old NeVaeh, aka Princess Na. If asked about her beautiful name she will tell you that it is HEAVEN spelled backwards.

“I like to look downtown, and me and my mom saw the building. It looked like a lot of fun; so, we went in and saw what they did,” said NeVaeh, now eight. Then and there, she decided she wanted to take a class, and her mother, Natasha, agreed.

According to her mother, NeVaeh has always loved art. “She was always drawing, sketching, doing crafty things at home.” She enjoys tie dye and loves to make slime, and the family held craft nights when schedules allowed.

Over the past two years NeVaeh has participated in single and multiple day art camps and other creative and craft events. The young artist shared that she had fun learning to weave grass baskets. “I liked how we made stuff with nature. It made me feel calm.”

Natasha remembers NeVaeh’s reaction to her first experience with clay at the art camp over the winter of 2021. “‘Mommy we are going to have to get some clay and do some clay at home, cause I love that.’” So when Natasha heard there was going to be a 6 week clay class, she knew NeVaeh had to join.

“Since taking the classes, she is more about looking into and doing different things,” her mother shared. “She is now looking into getting different markers and different pens, anything that brings more vibrant colors.”

“Each time I take a class,” says NeVaeh, “it inspires me to do more and more.”

NeVaeh entered her first gingerbread contest at NAC in 2021. Her entry, called Royalty Land, was the winner of A Very Berry Christmas Gingerbread Competition in the children’s Village Competition. “I used all of my favorite candies, especially Christmas tree peeps.” The project took a lot of time, and she can’t wait to participate again next year.

NeVaeh has made friends with some of the other students, but she prefers to stay focused on her projects. In her clay class, she fashioned a ring for herself and a snow globe which displayed representations of her and her mother. She made a plate and many the other handmade crafts.

NeVaeh looks forward to taking more classes at the NAC. “I look forward to the center’s programs helping NeVaeh continue to develop her artistic skills,” shared Natasha.

CREATE Newberry serves to provide funding to support programs at the Newberry Arts Center that promote children and adults engaging in and growing through the arts. Your support for CREATE Newberry funds scholarships for summer and winter camps at the NAC where children like NeVaeh can expand their exposure to materials and creative opportunities while building confidence and finding calm.

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