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CREATE Newberry Inc. Board of Directors:

Anne Hightower Patterson White, Chair

Christina Henricks, Co-Chair

Sonia Lopez, Treasurer

Norma Donaldson-Jenkins, Secretary

Tony Chapman


CREATE Newberry, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) that began as a vision of community members to help support Arts Programming at Newberry Arts Center through seeking and accepting funds for the growth and sustainability of these programs for the good of the community at large and beyond.


CREATE Newberry stands for “Cultivating Rewarding Experiences through Arts Training and Education”. The goal of CREATE Newberry, Inc. is to ensure that the members of NAC, the Newberry community, local artists, art instructors and participants of all ages, races, backgrounds, gender and ability will have a sustainable, growing and safe place to create, learn and enhance their life through the arts.

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