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The Road To Follow

Pam lives in Union County, and used to take painting classes in Ridgeway, where she “learned the basics.” She already knew that art was an important part of her life. “Painting is a therapy for me,” she said. “I have a husband with a disability that I take care of. When you are painting, you forget everything else. It’s a real getaway.”

Then Pam met Anne Hightower Patterson-White, a professional artist and instructor, and started traveling to the Newberry Arts Center to take her watercolor classes. Pam credits Anne’s influence for taking her artwork to another level. “Before I started taking classes with Anne, my paintings were child-like, one-dimensional. Now I paint something I actually like.” After starting classes with Anne, Pam set a new goal for her hobby: “I wanted to get to the point where people would want to have my picture in their house.”

“Anne was the road for me to get there,” Pam said. Anne is relatable and inspiring, a role model for her. Her teacher is also giving, willing to share her expertise without holding anything back, and encouraging to her students. “You never feel like you’re good enough. But the way she explains things – I am good enough. There is possibility for me out there.”

Pam is reaching new milestones with her artwork. She now enters paintings in local art competitions and has won two honorable mentions. “I even sold a painting to Blue Sky [a painter and sculptor in the Columbia area],” she said proudly.

Pam says the drive to Newberry is worth it for the high-quality, affordable programs offered at the Newberry Arts Center. With your support, CREATE Newberry provides the resources for the Newberry Arts Center to continue to attract great teachers and foster the talents of budding artists in Newberry and beyond.

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