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A Community of Friends

Luna is a creative young lady who recently moved from Simpsonville to Prosperity. Suzanne, Luna’s mother, chose to home-school her to make the transition easier because the move was during the school year. However, Suzanne found that one of the drawbacks of homeschooling was providing involvement in areas such as art. Another hurdle was providing opportunities for socializing with other children in the community. Suzanne discovered that the Newberry Arts Center was a great place to fill those needs.

Initially, NAC was a place Suzanne chose to provide enrichment to Luna’s homeschooling, but it turned out to be so much more. Luna’s excitement grew as her involvement continued, from after-school art programs into summer art camps and then fall art classes with Norma Donaldson-Jenkins. “Miss Norma” had the biggest effect on Luna. Luna praises her enthusiasm for teaching. “She doesn’t just push students to do the project,” Luna said. “She excites them about the processes involved in creating.” She is really looking forward to spring classes in 2023.

As a newcomer to the area, Luna says the Newberry Arts Center has created a community for her. NAC is a community of friends—that she may never have met otherwise—coming together to reach a common goal of learning and creating art.

We look forward to reaching new friends in our community in 2023, thanks to your support!

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