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Home Away from Home

In 2017, Kevin retired from Lander University’s mathematics department. He traveled for a bit after retirement until he found himself the main caregiver to his spouse’s failing health. Not seeing colleagues and friends each day, the strains of caring for his spouse, and now the pandemic, created a feeling of isolation.

When providing for the ongoing needs of another, you tend to forget your own needs. Kevin needed a safe place to go and decompress where he could find selfcare.

Kevin is a creative and has worked with stained glass and needle point. While visiting the NAC artisan shop, Kevin learned about an acrylic pour class and signed up. The acrylic pour class led to an Introduction to Pottery class with Mike Johansen. “I really enjoyed the whole process,” Kevin said, “making something, firing it and then glazing it, but mainly I enjoyed the people I met there. It gave me a community away from home.”

Clay is a new passion for Kevin. “I have found a group of local potters at the Center who have helped to make NAC a home away from home,” he shared. His spouse is doing better, and Kevin has signed up for the monthly open clay studio membership. “It’s incredibly affordable to pay a monthly fee,” Kevin shared. “I can come in when it's convenient to me. I love the freedom of coming in at different times even when the arts center is closed to work on my projects. It is a wonderful place to work on my skills.”

Kevin really values education. “I am proud of what the Arts Center is doing to help educate the community in the arts with all the programs for both the young and the young at heart!”

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