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Mission and Vision

Newberry Art Center and CREATE Newberry, Inc.

The Newberry Arts Center is a division of the City of Newberry Parks Recreation and Tourism Department. It is partially funded by the City of Newberry and partially funded by CREATE Newberry, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation.


The mission of the Newberry Arts Center (NAC) and Newberry Arts Program is to provide quality educational arts experiences to all interested citizens and increase support for working artists while creating appreciative current and future art patrons by involving the diverse population and fostering local economic growth while enhancing the quality of life for all residents.



  • Support the mission of the City of Newberry by becoming an arts component in attracting and maintaining a healthy and vibrant community of artists, both professional and those in training

  • Provide a safe, easily accessible facility for art classes, workshops and events centrally located in downtown Newberry

  • Collaborate with other arts education providers

  • Collaborate with neighboring performing art centers and theatres

  • Serve as a community gathering place where people can explore and experience art

  • Improve the lives of people through arts enrichment and arts outreach

  • Be the intellectual and tactile center of artistic creativity for the greater Newberry area

  • Become an inclusive and diverse model for greater Newberry area through the exploration, appreciation and provision of various arts

  • Provide scholarship opportunities to the elderly, socially isolated, and low-income members of the community including children, teens and adults

  • Create revenue through classes, conferences, workshops, donations, grants and sponsorships.


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