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Dear Friends of Newberry Arts Center,

CREATE Newberry is helping members of our community participate in rewarding art experiences that change lives, open minds, and grow friendships with people from diverse backgrounds, life experiences and social circles. By making the arts more accessible through programs with the Newberry Arts Center, NAC, CREATE Newberry is fulfilling the mission of providing opportunities for everyone to experience the benefits of creating!

Impact Lives Through the ARTS

This spring, a generous donor is offering up to $4,000 to CREATE Newberry with a challenge that allows you to improve the lives of people in your community through the arts.

· For each NEW donor who gives to CREATE Newberry, this person will donate

$200 to CREATE Newberry.

· For each person who commits to giving monthly to CREATE on our online portal,

CREATE will receive $200 from this generous donor. This is for new donors or

returning donors.

Please tell a friend or family member about this challenge so they can be a part of improving lives through NAC’s art programs.

CREATE Makes the Arts Available for Everyone

· By providing scholarships for anyone who would like to participate in NAC arts

classes but cannot afford the cost.

· By offering FREE art classes outside of the walls of NAC. CREATE Newberry hosts

regional artists to teach and inspire the families who attend these events in our

local parks and other venues.

· By lowering the costs for the community of many expensive art programs by

seeking grants and gifts to keep the costs lower for our community.

· By partnering with other organizations that provide resources for lower-income

families, so that even more children and teens experience the positive benefit that

creating brings.

How to Give:

· Use the DONATE button below to give a one-time donation or become a monthly


Your tax-deductible gift to CREATE Newberry this spring will make a difference in the Newberry Community through the arts.


Christina Henricks

Chair, CREATE Newberry

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